Social Video grabs attention!

Social Video content creation is in the hands of most businesses. But they don't have the expertise to use it effectively in-house.

Social video grabs and hold the viewers attention, gaining you the key micro moments that the search engines promote. The multimedia nature (audio and visual) is remembered more effectively than a line of text viewed in  an email.

You can use easily social video to boost the impact of your business' online marketing, increase engagement and recognition of your brand.

We'll record and produce and post it for you! And we can even determine the best time to post.

Even a simple video can draw attention and increase your visibility on social media pages and your website. The video was recorded at CoMotion on King in Hamilton.

The Auto Station in Burlington, Ontario has been using social video for their social and digital marketing for over 4 years.

Steve says - Increased client engagement and responses to the videos regularly brings new clients into our shop!

Social Video is effective. Creating your Social Video content doesn't have to be intimidating.

  • We can teach you how to do it or Record, Produce and post it for you.
  • It can be recorded simply with smartphone or with a couple added accessories your impact will be improved.
  • With the direction and editing provided, you will soon be on your way to increased results.

Our 6 years of experience knowledge working with online videos (that have gained attention locally and around the world) give you the edge that your marketing needs.

Social Video doesn't have to be limited to one site or platform.

Do know how to post and post videos effectively? We do and we'll help you!

You decide which are the best for your marketing:

  • Facebook Business Page and Facebook Live
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+ and Google Local
  • Twitter Live and Periscope
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn Business Page (Now offering video posts!)