Social Video has proven again and again that it grabs attention and increases engagement.

Social Video content creation is in the hands of most businesses. But they don't know how or have the expertise to use it effectively or how to post it to maximize attention. In-house marketing teams are straining to keep up.

Social video grabs and hold the viewers attention.  Story telling through multimedia is retained more effectively than a line of text and a photo. Using social video helps you create the key micro moments that the search engines are promoting as part of the buying journey.

Yes, you can use easily social video to boost the impact of your business' online marketing, and increase engagement and recognition of your brand.

We will record and produce and post it for you! And we can even determine the best time to post. Using analytical research and your unique knowledge of your business.

10,000 views of a video? 25,000 post impressions? How is that possible?

10,000 views of a video? 25,000 post impressions? How is that possible?
Here are steps to take:
  •  Add audio, talk and be yourself.
  •  Be concise - This post had only seven words (before tagging). - Keep the video short - longer videos need to be engaging.
  • Follow trends - Yesterday the storm in Ontario was on everyone's mind, and most were at home, many on social media.
  • Use hashtags for location and trend - The trending tag #ONStorm and localizing tag #HamOnt for Hamilton, Ontario, were added.
  • Tag Influencers - The Weather Network Canada is always looking for viewer content. (If it is timely, unusual, or beautiful, they may even broadcast your image or video crediting you.) The Weather Network Canada viewed this as they were tagged and added this video post to a "Twitter Moment".  Even with 1.5 million followers only a fraction will see each post. I'll take a fraction of 1.5 million whenever I have the opportunity.

  • Pro Tip ** If you have the time, add a transcription to the video!! As videos are increasingly viewed starting with audio off. link to the original post is-

Even a simple video can draw attention and start the work to increase your visibility on social media pages and your website. See check out the video below, it was recorded at the CoMotion on King in Hamilton, Ontario.

The Auto Station in Burlington, Ontario has incorporated social video as a part their social media and digital marketing for the last 5 years.

Steve the owner says - "Increased client engagement and their responses to the videos regularly brings new clients into our shop!"

For example, a simple tip video can succinctly communicate your expertise and increases familiarity for your business evenbefore the client visits your business!

The best time to start was 5 years ago, the second best time for you to start video is now! For any questions about how to start recording and producing videos for your own company contact me for exclusive tips that will increase video engagement!

Social Video is effective. Creating your Social Video content doesn't have to be intimidating.

  • We can teach you how to do it or record, edit  and post it for you.
  • It can be recorded simply with smartphone by adding a couple of accessories your video's impact will be improved.
  • With the direction, production, and editing provided, you will soon be on your way to increased results.