Video Tips for your #WFH Videos that will help increase view or watch time and engagement with your posts.

Tip 1 - Video Sound Quality

Poor quality audio will cause followers and viewers of your video to leave.

Great audio on your video will give viewers that chance to learn your message easily.

A steady video will reduce distraction and increase view time. Learn how.

Top Social Media Tips!

Your videos can now appear on the Google Search

Results page.

Here is a recent interview from Smart-Car Coffee Confidential series.

Click the link to watch and learn my top social media tips for small

and medium sized businesses:

Social Video grabs attention and increases engagement.

Social Video content creation is in reach of most businesses. Without

the expertise to use it effectively or how to post it to maximize attention.

 Where are videos most likely to be seen? 

Google My Business, Facebook, LinkedIn,

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok are all current valid choices.

Understanding which of these will be successful for the target of your

marketing message is key.

Social Video grabs and hold the viewers attention and holds it longer. 

Story telling through video is retained more effectively than a text and a

graphic or photo.


Using social video Effectively helps you create the key micro moments that the search engines are promoting as part of the buying journey.

Yes, you can use easily social video to boost the impact of your

business's online marketing, and increase engagement and recognition

of your brand.

We will record and produce and even post it for you! We can even

determine the optimal time to post using analytical research and your

unique knowledge of your business.

Your video clips can be found and be broadcast on TV!

A recent event was being promoted. The host organization didn't have the correct duration 

video available for the broadcast. The TV news crew searched online for video that they

could use for their story. A video that was posted on our YouTube channel was selected

and credited by the broadcaster for the news segment about the event. 

When your videos are tagged properly they are more easily found by a simple search.

A few minutes of production and editing lead to our content as part of a news broadcast.  

Here is a link to the YouTube video that was found by the TV Station:

10,000 views of a video? 25,000 post impressions? How is that


Here's how using Twitter:


The link to the original post is here-

Creating content efficiently and in a timely manner to capture an event is


key. This past summer, we recorded, edited and posted a social video

that was shared by a government department because it was timely

and high quality. Here is a link to the video:  TWITTER VIDEO





Here are 5 Free tips to improve video post reach:

  •  Add audio, to the video talk and be yourself.

  •  Be concise - This post had only seven words (before tagging). - Keep the video short -  longer videos need to be tograb attention initially to keep viewers watching.

  •  Follow trends - The storm in Ontario was on everyone's mind that day, and most people were at home, many on social media.

  •  Use hashtags for location and trend - The trending tag #ONStorm and localizing tag #HamOnt for Hamilton, Ontario, were used.

  •  Tag Influencers - The Weather Network Canada is always looking for viewer- created content.  (If it is timely, or unusual, they may even broadcast your image or video and credit you the post's creator.) The Weather Network Canada viewed this (as they were tagged) and shared this video post to one of their  "Twitter Moments".  Even with their 1.5 million followers, only a fraction of them will see each post. I'll take a fraction of 1.5 million views whenever I have the opportunity.

  • Pro Tip: Take the time to add closed captioning to the videos to increase engagement and shares further. Most videos on social media are started with audio off.

The Auto Station in Burlington, Ontario has incorporated social video as a

part their social media and digital marketing for the last 5 years.

Steve, the owner says - "The increased client engagement and their responses to

the videos regularly brings new clients into our shop!"

Here's an example, a tip video that succinctly communicates your 

expertise and increases familiarity with your business even before

the client reaches out or visits!

The best time to start was years ago, the second best time for you 

 to start video is now!

For any questions about how to start recording and producing videos for 

your own business, contact me for exclusive tips that will increase video

comments and engagement!

Social Video is effective and is proven to increase engagement.

Creating your Video content doesn't have to be intimidating.

We can teach you how to do it or record, edit and post it for you.

It can be recorded simply with smartphone by adding a couple of

accessories your video's impact will be improved.

With the direction, production, and editing provided, you will soon be on

 your way to increased results.

Does social video work? YES! Let us show you how it works for your business.