A well designed social media campaign, will increase your findability and increase

engagement with clients and prospects with the goal of increasing

sales and adding to your bottom line!

When did you last search how easily is your business found online?

Is your business social media presence easy to find and linked from your website?

Increasing in your business's 'findability' through Social Media and Digital Media

posting and through engagement is a long game. Those who promise quick results

often end up only increasing frustration.

With a little work week after week, you can control a large part of what appears at

the top of search results.

Posting content regularly and answering questions can appear to be time

consuming and frustrating especially when you are not seeing results.

We can help!

Regular video posts, will increase your perception of expertise. Video content, that

is properly formatted for social media sites, is retained longer in memory and

portrays a sense of expertise that text and photo posts cannot compete with.

Social Media Video as it is viewed longer also increases the opportunity for

engagement from the viewer.

TIP: One of the most valuable metrics is video watch-time, not post views or likes.

We Can Help!

The professional set up of your business' brand pages on Facebook, LinkedIn,

Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business and Google Maps has never been more

important. Followers are being conditioned by the platforms to make quick

decisions as part of the purchasing process.

We can ensure that your contact information and product and service information is

up to date and correct.

You can choose to focus your efforts on a couple platforms to start. Google My

  Business is a good start to increase your brand's visibility on search. Then add the

platforms where your target market clients are most often.

Classroom or seminars on increasing engagement and social media video are

available and we are now booking for the second half of 2020.


For more information on how you can increase your business's findability. Let's set up a time to talk.

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