David Hills From D.Hills Sales talking to a group about how recent changes to Facebook can be an advantage for a good social media manager..

Social Media Management

Marketing online through social media and be intimidating and confusing. When to post, what to post, how often. Do I post photos, videos or ???

Our experience includes local and internationally successful social media campaigns. From real estate, insurance, automotive service, management consulting, through medical and dental offices.

We worked with clients who have posted hundreds of videos for both local in Hamilton and international markets.

Experience with a large internationally focused marketing and fundraising campaign for a not-for-profit provides you with understanding of challenges that few other companies provide..

Competition is tough, personalized social media video posting, can help you gain and engage clients and prospects attention to compete and succeed!

How to post? What to post? Is anyone seeing my posts, are questions we hear regularly with new clients. An increase in quality of your posts will be noticed. The question is how to increase the quality of posts?

Choosing from and understanding the benefits of the primary platforms Facebook, Google MyBusiness, Google Maps, LinkedIn, Instagram and is key.

Are your pages set up completely and linked correctly? Which content should be posted on each platforms? How do I know if what I am posting is being read/viewed?

Starting with a plan is necessary. We can help!

Working with businesses and managing their social media and creating social video in the Hamilton, Burlington area for the last 5 years we've seen the changes in reach and can advise you on the tools and systems to increase organic reach and video watch time.