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Thanks to Paul Copcutt for including part of my success in using the LinkedIn social media platformin this months "BizMagazine Hamilton-Halton-Niagara".
Here is the link to the full article at PaulCopcutt.com:

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and have changed how we communicate our marketing messages, and it's no longer a fad.

Do you know how to communicate effectively online now?

We are regularly told that we 'have to be" on this new social media site. Or that if we don't do this, or that, then people won't hear or see our message.

Where should a business owner or marketing manager focus their precious time?

Online video or social video adds more complexity and increases engagement with online messaging, whether using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vine, Periscope, Google+ and Google Business.

D Hills Sales in Hamilton, Ontario has been marketing on social media resulting with  increasing followers and higher engagement for over 5 years. Our experience includes working with a successful international social media marketing campaign, and working with local entrepreneurs to increase their reach and control of their online profiles.

We help you learn the difference between a tweet and post, a like and a "+1". How to genuinely increase engagement with prospects and clients. We can manage your campaign to parallel your other marketing messages and channels, and record and produce social video that will increase your online visibility.

A genuine person posting, and replying instead of an auto-responder offers a message about the authenticity of your business to your clients and prospects.

Your business reputation is important, don't leave it to an amateur.

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"We have two or three clients a week coming in because of the videos we post." - S.T. Burlington

"David Doesn't need the practice." - G.G. Mississauga

"David's on the ground knowledge of social media is inspiring" - J.L. Ancaster

"David Hills is extremely good at marketing and sales especially when it comes to Social Media. - S.N. Toronto

"Congratulations on the 10,000th tweet today ... You alone have built this particular social media app into a great resource for the organization. - Al M. Hamilton