D. Hills Sales now offers the MEGO MG100 Pico Projector.  We are your source for portable digital presentation systems.

Cables are available to connect HDMI, Mini HDMi and iPhone and Playbook computers and tablets and phones.

Setting up for and offering away from office presentations is now easy!

Do you offer presentations to small or medium sized group? 

Do you want to be lugging your laptop, 5 lb. projector, spare bulb, cases, and all the cables and cords with you still?

Do you want to share your videos and music with your friends with out lots of equipment?

The MG100 Pico Projector offers a light weight portable alternative you can fit in your pocket, at only 8 oz. (250 g).

The MG100 Pico Projector is designed to project photos, video, and MS Office documents onto flat surfaces and screens, anywhere, and anytime on up to a 100" screen!  Presentations of up to 40 minutes using internal power, or for trade shows connect to an outlet for day long use.

Using  the same Texas Instruments DLP technology as new movie theaters, there is no bulb to replace, and the MG100 projects a 50 Lumens image, from a projector that fits in your pocket or purse!

Adding available accessories, simplifies your set up and presentation.  

With the on-board computer you can run presentations using the simple on board touch pad and buttons, or control your presentation from smart-phone, laptop or tablet.

Accessories available to facilitate your presentations include:

  • compact, highly portable 30" Pico Screen 
  • the Music Angel stereo speaker (battery powered)
  • mini-tripod
  • wireless mouse
  • carrying case
  • micro SD memory card (with USB adapter)
To order -

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"Traveling with the projector, even through strict airport security is easy." -- I.L , Hamilton, Ontario

"I like it for its portability and how easy it is to show my clients, new properties." -- A.L, Mississauga, Ontario

"The Music Angel is great, my daughter can bring her music to her team's bench with out her phone"  Hamilton, Ontario

"The appeal of such projectors is clear.  When people pick up something in the palm of their hand and use it to see a 20- or 40-inch image... they are delighted." -- Frank Moizio of Texas Instruments  (New York Times May 8, 2010)


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